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"North Waltham is an ancient and delightful village, owned by the Bishop of Winchester in medieval times, its sleepy life as an agricultural village was to change dramatically after the estate was split up in 1964. Richard's narrative takes us through this story, describing people and places through the years, explaining the farming, the role of the church and the development of the school. Carefully researched and referenced, it uses primary evidence as it moves into the 20th century, taking us right up to 2012.

If it wasn't for Richard Tanner the history of our local villages could well be lost forever. I commend 'North Waltham' to everyone. It is a fascinating insight into our local community and our heritage."
Dame Mary Fagan, Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire

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other books on north waltham

The Search for the Roman Villa, 2002. This booklet tells the story of how the site where a bronze Roman bull's head was found 160 years ago was rediscovered. Copies are available for &2 plus &1 p&p

North Waltham, Then and Now compares 1905 b&w images with modern photographs to show how the village changed in the Twentieth Century. Produced with a lottery grant in 2003, it complements Richard's new book, 'North Waltham'. Copies are available for &2.50 plus &1 p&p

Voices of North Waltham, 2006. Again supported by a lottery grant, this DVD uses photographs to illustrate recorded memories of villagers showing how life changed for people in the village between 1935 and 1965. Copies are available for &5 plus &1 p&p

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